Pittsburgh Drum Exchange is the brain child of three Pittsburgh-based drummers: David Throckmorton, Lou Ross, and Shawn McGregor. The three envisioned starting a drum shop that they would love to shop at and was a direct reflection of the community it comes from. Pittsburgh Drum Exchange is that shop. 

A great music store is invaluable to a local music community. Music shops can become a centralized point for like-minded individuals to come together to share ideas about music, instruments, and life itself. This is our vision for Pittsburgh Drum Exchange. 

As mentioned before, Pittsburgh Drum Exchange is comprised of three working drummers; David Throckmorton, Lou Ross, and Shawn McGregor. If you venture out into the Pittsburgh music scene, you are bound to see one of the three playing.

"Throck" is a world-renowned talent. Whether you've heard him playing during  his time spent with Maynard Ferguson or Beam, to his current organ trio with Dan Wilson (gtr.) and Clifford Barnes (org.), Throck's playing is a tour de force that leaves jaws on the floor. 

Lou  is our jack-of-all-trades. He's an outstanding player, known for his work in prominent local bands such as Vibro Kings; a highly regarded teacher; and also an excellent drum builder and repair specialist that is showcased in his own custom drum company, Ross Custom Drums. 

And lastly Shawn, who is the drummer of the nationally-touring band The Commonheart and local bands including Funky Miracle and Backstabbing Good People. He brings years of musical instrument retail and customer service experience.

It is all of our dreams to own a drum shop. We look forward to working with and serving the drummers of Pittsburgh and around the world. 

Yours in music,

Shawn, Throck, and Lou

Pittsburgh Drum Exchange